More Things I’ve Written 2


Greg Kinnear: 
Before anyone knew who the hell he was.

Heidi Klum: Heidi Klum is the cutest thing EVER.

Richard LeGravenese: 
 The master screenwriter writes women’s parts like no one else.

Matt LeBlanc: 
 The sweetest guy I ever interviewed. He only wanted to give me some of the free Ray-Bans they sent as soon as he could afford to buy them himself.

Jason Scott Lee: 
Natural Wonder.

Spike Lee: 
 The other side of Spike Lee.

Robert Sean Leonard: 
I’m so happy that he’s gotten so much attention for his great work on House.

Ray Liotta: Ray Liotta is like a fine wine. Better and better over the years.

Greg Louganis: 
 Years ago I saw Louganis diving at the University of Miami pool. Meeting him was a total thrill.

Rob Lowe: 

Adrian Lyne: 
This is a man who knows how to direct sexy movies.

Samantha Mathis: 
 Mathis is hot as a pistol.

Steve Martin: 
My love letter to Steve Martin.

Gretchen Mol: Rhymes With Doll.

Mike Myers: 
An asshole of epic proportions.

Jeremy Northam: 
No more Mr. Knightly.

Chris O’Donnell: 
Innocent abroad.

Camille Paglia: 
Camille Paglia’s target practice.

Barry Pepper: 
Barry is one hot Pepper.

Lou Diamond Phillips: 
His wife left him for Melissa Etheridge! I could not stop laughing.

River Phoenix: 
I wrote this the week after River died. His work was so amazing — he’ll always be missed.

Roman Polanski: 
Roman Holiday (not really).

Kelly Preston: 
Preston lets me quiz her, and quiz her, about hubby John Travolta.


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