More Things I’ve Written 3


Bill Pullman: 
Bill Pullman was so much more than a generic would-be-president.

Anne Rice: 
Interview with the author of Interview with the Vampire.

Tim Robbins: 
The cutest serious person in show biz.

Nic Roeg: 
The man who could get anyone to spill the beans.

Susan Sarandon: 
 On men, motherhood, and movies.

Annabella Sciorra: 
 Gal talk.

Howard Stern: 
The master of his own universe.

Patrick Stewart: 
Patrick Stewart talks all kinds of things!

Julia Stiles: 
 Stiles was such a sweet kid.

Madeleine Stowe 
The quirkiest woman in Hollywood.

Anna Sui: 
The passion of the clothes designer.

Goran Visnjic: 
 It took me half the interview to figure out how to say his name, but it was well worth it.

Christopher Walken: 
Interview with the Antichrist.

Naomi Watts: The first time I met her.

Naomi Watts: 
 The adorable Watts is someone I continue to root for.

Bruce Willis: 
Bruce mouths off. Sorta.


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