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J.J. Abrams: The man who would go on to make LOST— before anyone knew who he was.

Kevin Bacon: 
Mr. Bacon truly is the center of the universe.

Jennifer Beals: 
 The Flashdance icon goes with me to play poker.

Annette Bening: 
Annette Bening caught my eye around the time she caught Warren Beatty’s.

Juliette Binoche: 
She made me lunch— in Paris!

Jeff Bridges: 
 If I’m ever marooned on a desert island, please let Mr. Bridges be there with me.

Gerard Butler: 
Before anyone had him on their radar.

Gabriel Byrne: 
Talent to Byrne.

Mariah Carey: 
 I had a great time with Mariah, and then the next day she had a nervous breakdown. I’m pretty sure I had nothing to do with it.

Glenn Close: 
Glenn loosens up. A tiny bit.

Drea de Mateo: I think I love Drea de Mateo because her accent is stronger than mine.

Rebecca De Mornay: 
The cool girl form Risky Business lets her hair down.

Johnny Depp: 
 Everything about Depp is completely magical.

Laura Dern: 
I had heard Dern was dating Billy Bob Thornton, but she denied it. So I stayed around after the interview, and was there when Thornton came to pick her up.

Leonardo DiCaprio: 
 I get paid for this? Pinch me now.

Fran Drescher: 
I didn’t know much about Drescher before this interview, but I can still hear her voice in my dreams.

David Duchovny: 
Duchovny was sexy even before it was news!

Dominick Dunne: 
Dominick Dunne makes me wish I had been around for his great parties.

Brendan Fraser: 
Shy guy.

Andy Garcia: 
 Absolutely the coolest (and sexiest) conservative in the world.

Steve Guttenberg: 
 The luckiest man in Hollywood.

Ethan Hawke: 
Would Hawke rather be rich or famous?

The Hughes Brothers: 
Coolest twins ever.




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