Write As If No One Is Looking Over Your Shoulder

Martha Frankel at her Laptop by Linda Badami

I started my writing classes because I had it up to here with people talking about how writing was akin to slitting their wrists.

I think writing is fun and freeing, and I believe that everyone has a story… they just need to learn how to tell it.

In this 8 week class, you’ll learn to write with a voice that reflects the true you, the voice that isn’t afraid to show both your weakness and your strength, the voice that isn’t concerned, first and foremost, with what others will think. You know, a voice that isn’t constantly being judged and told that no one, NO ONE, could possibly be interested in what you have to say.

Through innovative and fun writing prompts, you will learn to write dialogue and description, create characters that ring true, see the best in the worst people and the worst in the best, find beginnings and endings that make sense. With criticism that is meant to encourage rather than shut you down, you will learn to piece your story together in a way that invites readers in.

All classes are held in my light, airy studio in Boiceville, New York, on Thursdays. I offer both a day class and an evening class.

I supply inspiration, cookies, and tissues. Because no matter what you think, there will be tears. As well as laughter.

Price is $400, or $350 for returning students.

Email me at marthafrankel@me.com to find out when the next session begins.

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